Keep in mind the following:

  1. All corners of the document must be visible in the photo.
  2. The text in the document should be easy to read. Make sure there are no reflections or spots on the photo. The low quality image will not be accepted by the system.
  3. If your identification has two sides, both must be attached.
  4. Proof of address (Light or water) must be maximum of one to three months. An expired document will not be valid.
  5. The system does not accept corrected or manipulated documents in any graphic editor.
  6. We do not accept JPEG or PDF files under 500 KB.

If you are still having problems verifying your account please contact our support team and attach the following information   

  • Full name 
  • Photo of the Official Identification (In case INE,  IFE, passport. photo of both sides)

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