• Log in to your Cubobit and select "Mi cuenta".
  • Choose the "Niveles" option to continue.
  • Make sure you have all the requirements mentioned in this article before starting once you have all these documents click on "Empezar" to start.

Step Add your current address.

Step 2. Fill in the origins of your resources.

Step 3. Verify your identity.  

  •  After reading please accept the terms and conditions and the policy service. 

 Identity Verification Process: 

  •  Choose the country of birth. 
  •  Select the type of oficial identification that you will use ( Passport, or Voter Credential from Mexico). 
  •  Choose the option "Mi Cuenta" If you choose your passport please add the same photo of the passport in both spaces.   

Debes tener en cuenta lo siguiente:

  1. All the corners of the document have to be visible in the photo
  2. Make sure that the texts in the documents are readable if the picture is blurry or not easy the system will reject it.  
  3. If your identification has two sides you must add both sides in the spaces.
  4. The identification must be valid, a old identification will now work.
  5. The system will not accept any documents or emails that have been manipulated or edited with any editor..
  6. We do not accept any files with JPEG o PDF under de 500 KB.

Bank statement

 Take the following in to notice.

  1. Make sure that the bank statement or any of the receipts are no longer than 3 months past.(no copies are accepted)

  2. They must contain your full name as mentioned in your identification 
  3. It is "not obligatory" that the bank statement has the same address as your Identification.
  4. Please add a photo where the statement is complete or add it via PDF. 
  5. We do not accept any files with JPEG o PDF under 500KB.

Selfie with proof of identification

Please have the following in to consideration:

  1. Upload a selfie with your face and identification  
  2. Please make sure that the photo is of good quality otherwise it will be rejected by the system.
  3. We do not accept any files with JPEG o PDF under de 500 K.

                                                                       Cubobit OU